How To Remove Paint From Concrete: The Easy Way

Just finished from a painting job in the garage and found out that you've left a few spots on the floor? Paint stains are definitely an eyesore, especially in places where you can't cover them up like concrete. But worry not! For I have a created a how to remove paint from concrete tutorial just for you.


Note that this method is the most effective one for both light and tough stains. The only difference between treating light and tough stains is the amount of paint thinner you need to use, as well as the amount of elbow grease you need to put into it.


  • Broom
  • Rag or cleaning cloth
  • Paint thinner
  • Pressure washer
  • Putty knife
  • Hard brush
  • Rubber gloves
  • Respirator

How to Remove Paint from Concrete

Step 1: Prepare the stained surface

Before you do any work, you should prepare the concrete by cleaning it thoroughly. Brush away any dirt and debris with a broom. Then, use soapy water and a brush to clean the concrete thoroughly.

After you do this, allow a few hours to let the surface dry completely.

Step 2: Scrape away paint

If some of the paint can be scraped away, do so with a putty knife.

Scrape away paint

Step 3: Cover your concrete with paint stripper

To maximize the effect of the chemical, apply generous amounts onto the surface. Note that you need to use a paint stripper appropriate for the paint you spilled (for instance, use oil-based paint stripper for oil-based paint)

Since paint stripper fumes are dangerous to your health, make sure to wear a respirator and a thick pair of rubber gloves. It's also wise to wear a long-sleeved shirt, jeans, and thick closed shoes.

Allow the paint stripper to do its job overnight, or for 6-8 hours.

Cover your concrete with paint stripper

Step 4: Remove the paint

After allowing the paint stripper to dry, use a putty knife or paint scraper to remove the dried up paint. However, if you want to make things much easier, you can try using a pressure washer (set to 3000 psi) to remove the paint stains.


This will also be more effective for paint that has been left to dry on concrete for too long, as well as for much bigger stains.

For tougher stains

For tougher stains

Concrete is a porous material that allows it to readily absorb paint. I definitely recommend cleaning up a paint stain immediately to prevent concrete from absorbing too much of it, but if that was not possible and you have a tough stain on your floor, you can opt to use another mix:

Using an absorbable material like clay or kitty litter mixed with paint stripper can be more effective in removing tougher stains. Same principle; lay an generous layer of the mixture onto the stain, allow it to do its magic, then scrape it away with a paint scraper.


Removing paint stains from concrete is not an easy job and may require some elbow grease, but it is manageable. And this tutorial shows you all you need to know, and I bet you can finish the job on a weekend.


Moreover, prevention is better than cure, I believe. So make sure you don't need to do this by laying down an adequate amount of protective covering before doing any paint jobs. Furthermore, seal your paint cans carefully and store them safely away.

I hoped you liked this short tutorial. If you did, leave a comment below and share this with your friends, just in case they have the same plight. Thanks for reading!


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