5 Home Exterior Upgrades To Boost Your Property’s Value

Believe it or not,  first impressions always count. From your first job interview to taking your partner on a first date, these experiences can haunt you for a long time if gone wrong the first time. Showing your property to prospective buyers can have similar results too. Buyers looking at your house/property for the first time surely get an impression that gets locked in their minds and contributes to their purchase decision.

The home exterior is the first area that greets someone when scanning your property. If it is impressive and well-kept, the observers might get ready to pay an even higher price for your house, even before they look at the rest. It is primarily because a well-kept exterior catches most people’s eye and increases your house’s value.

Research also supports that renovation of the house’s exterior can reap a higher return on investment. And surprisingly, it does not always involve making big changes. Small projects like changing or renovating the front entrance gate are often enough. Some more home exterior renovations that can increase your property’s value include the following.

  1. Roof Repair or replacement

Years of exposure to heat and other weather conditions can damage your roof. You need a reputable and dependable roof repair contractor for inspection to see how much work it needs. The contractor might suggest you go with one of the two options: you can repair the roof or replace it with a new one.

If your roof is in midlife, the contractor might not suggest you replace it entirely. Still, they may propose minor upgrades and repairs. For instance, if water pooling is the primary issue on your roof, you might need to work on the slop to ensure all the water goes toward roof gutters and downspouts and leave the property. 

But if the roof is damaged, replacing it is a better option. Adding a new roof is profitable from a resale point too. Per the National Association of Realtors (NAR) 2022 report, replacing a roof gives you a 100% return on the investment. Therefore, if there is a need, you must go with replacement instead of cosmetic repairs. 

Once you have made the upgrades, ensure the buyers visiting your house know about them. Most real estate agents and buyers ask about the roof because it is always one of those areas of the house that get the most wear and tear. This is particularly true if you live in an area where harsh weather is an everyday matter. 

  • Paint the entrance door

The front door must look like a passage to your prospective buyers’ dream world. Therefore, having a striking front door is a must if you want to increase the value of your property. Being the initial focal point for the rest of the house, a prospective buyer will have more than a cursory look at it. Repainting your entrance gate is one of the options you have.

The best thing about the house’s front doors is that you can be a little creative about them. There is no harm in breaking out of your comfort zone regarding color pallet choice. You can opt for bold colors with light walls on both sides. It won’t cost you more than $50 to prepare a front door that can successfully acquire the attention of the observers.

  • Power wash

Dirt and decay can tarnish the look of your house even if you have used the highest quality material. Therefore, when you have decided to sell your home or want your buyer to pay higher, first work on the dirt on your house’s exterior.

Nothing is more satisfying than stubborn dust and cakes of mud getting removed. A prospective buyer will probably feel the same relief when they see a clean home exterior.

Giving a power wash to your house is not very challenging; you can complete the task within a day. If you don’t have the right equipment, there is no need to worry. You can get it from the local rental store if buying one is not an option.

  • Trim your lawn

Lawn care is extremely important to enhance your house’s curb appeal. Having a well-kept lawn makes your house more attractive in the eyes of the observers and helps you get respect from your neighbors. Stray leaves and overgrown tree branches won’t poke their nose in their houses.

Trim the plants regularly, mow the grass, and water the plants for long-lasting natural beauty. Add different contrasting hues and textures to make your lawn more interesting.

Greenery can easily make your house stand out among others in the neighborhood. Plants can add seasonal color and façade to your property and help you clinch a deal with the buyers at a better price.

If you are not inclined to an expensive change in your lawn and spend on it, the least you can ensure is that no weeds are ruining the look.

  • Paint touchup for exterior

Paint touch up should not be limited to the gate only. You must pay attention if the paint on the house’s exterior is flaking off. Worn-out and chipping paint gives your home a haunted and dirty look, which will definitely not impress any viewer.

Since painting the whole exterior will be extensive, DIYing is never a good idea. You can quickly change the feel of your entire house with a professional paint job.

Fresh paint makes your house look brighter and cleaner; therefore, it is great for creating a striking first impression. A new paint touchup is also one of the cost-effective ways to upgrade your house to increase its value.

However, if the existing paint on the entire exterior is still reasonably fresh, you can only focus on the more worn-out areas too. This can further save you the expense, especially if you have a tight renovation budget.


You might have observed that most real estate agents use a photo of the exterior if it has a striking curb appeal when marketing the property. That’s how important an eye-catching curb appeal is. Therefore, if you want to increase the value of your house and attract better buyers, a more straightforward formula is to work on the exterior of your home. Make sure it looks clean, fresh, and inviting.


  • Emma Clark

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