How To Pair Pink Color With Other Shades For Home Decor

Choosing pink as a color for your home decor may be considered a bold move. But, the different hues of pink can create both strong and soft appearances. In addition, pink is always cheerful and dramatic. So, how to incorporate it in your decor for a perfect balance?

Fortunately, the color goes with various other decor elements and looks very inviting.

So, sway all your confusions and keep reading to know how to pair pink color with other shades for home decor.

Colors That Go With Pink

The perfect way to execute pink in your home is to create a harmony between colors of other decor elements. Some of the best combinations are:

Pink And White

Yes, it’s the most dreamy and essential combination. For example, suppose your accent wall is pink; you can paint the rest of the walls with hues of whites. Then, you can hang pink-colored wall art for the room on a white wall to create a contrasting and harmonious balance.

This is a perfect way to bring a focal point to the room. The wall arts like canvas are available in all patterns, prints, sizes, and colors. If all your walls are pink, try a white sofa, seatings, and bed with it. Place some green plants, and you’re good to go. This combination works in all the rooms and strikes a perfect calming and optimistic look.

Pink And Gold

Pink and gold look so classy and create a perfect drama. So, pair blush pink or light tones of Pink with golden frames, ceiling light, candleholders, and other decor elements. The golden brings royalty, and pink shades compliment it well.

Pink And Black

This combination imparts depth and character to your space. So, pair black flooring in your bathroom with any shade of Pink. Or you can add a black rug to your bathroom or bedroom. Use black vases, paintings, and black floral cushions on couches. Adding subtle black shades in the pink room will bring sophistication to the room.

Pink And Blue

This is a delightful combination. Imagine a pink blush wall with turquoise sofas and pink and turquoise curtains. It looks enchanting. You can use blue wall arts on the wall with metallic accents like hanging lights and table pieces.

Pink With Dark Gray

Visualize the lightest of pink on your walls. Now try a dark gray sofa with white and pink cushions, pink wall art, and white rugs. Isn’t it a perfect balance? Pink and gray are some of the ideal contrasts which look amazing.

Pink With Orange

Now, try something bubbly and out of the box. Of Course, it’s a little daring, but if it fits your persona, this combination will create magic. It can be a correct choice for your young ones’ room. Paint the wall deep pink and add light orange on all other walls.

Hang white wall arts, and it will look so daring and motivational. Also, you can paint all your walls light pink and try orange cushions, lining, and large wall arts like canvas, paintings, or tapestry.

Pink And Green

This is the most lively and cheerful combination. Hang floral prints canvas, bring in-house plants with large foliage, and place them on the floor. Also, put some pretty potter and place them on side tables or consoles. The green color in floral prints and plants looks very endearing.

Further Watching:

Team Pink With Wooden Grain

Pink is quite a versatile color. You can give a light pink shade to your walls and add natural polished wood grain shiplap panels on one wall. Add some minimalist wall art on it. Add a genuine sofa of beige and earthy colors with a patterned rug. All-natural and warm wood grain will create the perfect texture and charming look.

Go Simple and Monochromatic With Pink

One of the unique concepts is painting all our walls, including the closets, with dusty pink color. It brings in more space to the bedroom or any room. It gives an illusion of a larger area. Now hang white and pink curtains with a bed having white linens. Next, hang simple wall art with a few accents like wall sconces, candle holders, etc. This looks very straightforward yet impactful.

Layering is a Good Option

Layering a pink room is an excellent option for neutralizing it. Suppose you have a bubble gum bright pink accent wall balance with a neutral pink, earthy rugs, and curtains. Use white light color furniture with golden accents.

Also, traditional rugs like Moroccan prints and patterns look very attractive. Use metallic accents of golden and silver accents like a painting to bring depth. Also, for a mature look, use black furniture and paintings.

Use Pink Accents In Neutral Rooms

You can bring in the pink shade by reversing the style. Imagine a room with an all-neutral palette. Add pink wall arts with white background. Hang white and pink curtains with gray sofas having white and pink cushions. Use colorful pink rugs. This is a fantastic way of bringing pink color into your home.

Create A Bohemian Vibe With Pink

If you’re a fan of boho-chic vibes, pink is the color for you. Shades of pink go very well with bohemian tapestry-like macrame. You can hang macrame plant hangers and use white curtains. Also, place candles on a pretty candle stand with low seatings. Place cushions, low-height furniture with aroma, and lots of plants.

Go Bold With Pink

As earlier said, Pink is a versatile shade. To create drama by pairing it with black or dark gray sofas. Black furniture or flooring also look very statement. Now, add a single or few bold metallic statement pieces like a chandelier, wall sconces, or table pieces.

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Let’s Wrap It

So, now you have plenty of ideas on how to style pink in all of your rooms. The best thing is every shade of Pink can go with every room. Pink is the new neutral and not a girly shade anymore. Various shades of Pink, when balanced with colors of home decor elements, look very exciting and welcoming. So, pick your favorite combinations and tell us how it goes.


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