Why Choose Exposed Aggregate Concrete For Your Front Entrance?

Styling your front door will give you options on how to make it look more pleasant. Homeowners’ popular choice is the exposed aggregate concrete to add texture to the property’s landscape.

It is a good alternative to regular concrete and interlocking stone concrete with so many great things to offer. For instance, the price of this concrete option is less expensive and yet delivers the best possible outcome.

Understanding Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Concretes are usually composed of four layers, such as cement, water, sand, and gravel. With exposed aggregate concrete, the top layer is eliminated that uncovers the added rocks or sand.

The mixture will be poured into forms and let dry. It differs from regular concrete that requires extra effort to smoothen its surfaces after the mixture is set in the forms.

This type of concrete will result in a unique landscape design that could be installed at any part of your house. The exposed aggregates add up style to its finished look, either shiny or in a raw state.

Exposed aggregate concrete is also a good match with regular concrete when installed.

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Perhaps you want to know the cost to install exposed aggregate concrete. Contact a landscaping company to obtain an accurate quote in designing your home.

It is safe to say that exposed aggregate concrete is less pricey than regular and interlocking concrete. The estimate is not less than $2 per square meter which is alright for tight budgets.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Versus Regular Concrete

Landscaping is vital for both residential and commercial places to enhance all that can be seen. Driveways and walkways are better with regular concrete at its competitive pricing. It also demands less maintenance over the years, hence saving more time and money.

The concrete can last for years if installed with the right mixture of materials. It can withstand frequent uses and would not show signs of wear and tear over time.

Regular concrete has a curb appeal due to the professional finish during installation. It gives homeowners the freedom to choose from a range of patterns, textures, and color palettes.

This will impress and attract more visitors. It likewise suits all kinds of weather. Meaning, the walkway will still look fancy during summer or winter and is also safe to walk on.

However, repairing regular concrete can be difficult. It requires the removal or replacement of the entire concrete to restore the area. It is also inclined to cracks and stains unless the contractor used the right materials during installation.

While exposed aggregate concrete is a sound choice for aesthetics due to the various colors and textures available. It will satisfy your desire for a modern-looking driveway. Installing exposed aggregate concrete will also increase the value of the property during a sale because of its unique style.

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Exposed Aggregate Concrete Versus Interlocking Stone Concrete

On the other hand, homeowners may prefer interlocking concrete for durability as the main reason. It can last longer than the regular concrete against all weather conditions and can be repaired immediately in case of cracking.

Interlock installation would be so quick, regardless of the weather. Visitors can walk on it right away and won’t cause any delays. Cleaning your driveway will also be at ease with interlocking concrete by using a high-pressure hose to remove dirt.

It is pre-sealed thus reducing the need for regular maintenance that would add up to your expenses.

Furthermore, interlocking concrete promotes a curb appeal to your driveway that is better than traditional concrete. It comes in different shapes and colors to match your personal choices.

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It is eco-friendly as well with the materials used that could infiltrate the ground. Last but not least, it produces non-slipping surfaces, hence an ideal landscaping choice near pool areas.

The only disadvantage of interlocking concrete is it is prone to weed growth. It may appear in between the pavers, therefore, proper installation and maintenance are the keys to preventing problems.

The best alternative not to accumulate weed in your landscapes is exposed aggregate concrete. It is the total opposite of interlocking concrete when it comes to maintenance needs. It has a unique design making it a lot easier to maintain when the weather gets rough. Its color won’t easily chip away even without sealing requirements. 

Contact an Exposed Aggregate Company For Your Landscaping Needs

The exposed aggregate company in Perth can help you find the best concrete type for your home. All of the materials had met the safety standards for accomplishing landscaping projects.

They are highly durable underneath to support heavier vehicles passing over the concrete surface. There is added traction to keep everyone from slipping off the surface during wet conditions.

Homeowners can choose on what way their front entrance will look using exposed aggregate concrete. No matter what the preference is, it will appear unique and stunning with the help of the arts.

The concrete will require low to no maintenance, except for high traffic areas. A quick clean with a hose can remove it away from the concrete surface.

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Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, if you are planning to build a durable and aesthetic driveway, then exposed aggregate concrete could be the best choice. Call the staff and request a quote to estimate your expenses before beginning the project. Your personal preferences matter in designing your front entrance to attract more visitors. 


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