Keep Your Carpets Clean With The Following Tips

To keep the indoors extra hygienic, you need to look after the carpets. The flooring is one of the most neglected parts when doing household chores. While the truth is, the carpet has to take in everything, such as dust, molds, and even pet hair. That is enough reason to keep it clean all the time to prevent allergies and also to extend your carpet’s lifespan.

How To Clean Carpets?

Carpet cleaning is a difficult task but is necessary to protect the household from respiratory issues. Dirty rugs can trigger allergies and other serious health conditions due to the microscopic debris living in them.

A healthier environment is possible with a set of tools and cleaning products suitable for all carpet types. Some households use vacuum cleaners to clean carpets, but this could not guarantee a hygienic result. The best remedy is to hire professionals to do the job correctly.

There are cleaning methods for carpets that you should know, which include:

Steam Carpet Cleaning

This method uses a special machine that works with high heat and detergent. It deep cleanses the carpet fiber and can kill dangerous pathogens in one wash. It also helps to easily vacuum up debris with lesser effort.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning works with less liquid compared to the previous method. It aids in loosening dirt from the fiber material. The carpet will be ready to walk on after the cleaning process, which is vital for commercial areas.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

Last but not least, is a carpet cleaning method that utilizes a rotary cleaner. A cleaning solution will be sprayed on the carpet and after a few minutes, the said equipment will tidy up the area.  It is not necessary to commit full-time but interim cleaning.


Effective Tips To Keep Carpets More Hygienic

The following factors are practical ways to maintain neat flooring over time:

1. Place Doormats on the Entrance

Family members could enter the house without removing their footwear. This will ruin the floor, especially on rainy days. Using doormats at your entrances will reduce dirt coming from their shoes.

Choosing the right kind of doormat can help. Find doormats made of durable fiber to be adequate at eliminating dirt. Make sure to pick colors that will match your indoor design for aesthetics.

2. Implement “No Shoes” Rule

The most common tip to avoid damaging carpets is not wearing shoes inside the house. It is a realistic approach to keep carpets clean. This could be a problem if there is no doormat at the entrance, hence bringing in all the pollutants is possible.

You can urge visitors to stay barefooted inside the house or provide them with clean sleepers. This will reduce the risk of pathogens and also the need to vacuum the carpet. 


3. Spot Cleaning

Carpet cleaning must not only take place when there is severe soiling. It is better to remove dirt as soon as you notice it. For instance, if you spill food on the carpet, do not wait for the material to absorb the spills to prevent possible stains. This is among the reasons why carpets get destroyed easily.

There are mixtures you can apply to the area that can eliminate stains. Spray the area with water, vinegar, and dishwashing soap mixture or soak it with baking soda and then vacuum.

Some homeowners manage to vacuum carpets regularly. It could be costly but it would be best if you will invest in a quality vacuum for daily cleaning.

4. Avoid Harsh Products

The by-product of a dirty carpet is a terrible odor. Some cleaners use carpet powders for the rugs to smell good. However, this could worsen the scenario, like damaging the carpet.

The foul odor cannot be fully eliminated by the carpet powder. Living with pets may stink your flooring more often.

As an alternative to carpet powder, you can use baking soda in sanitizing the flooring. It is easy to absorb and so deep clean the carpet. Soak the carpet with baking soda overnight to remove the unpleasant odor.

Buying a spray made for carpets also works to keep the flooring hygienic. It eradicates unwanted germs with regular use. In addition to that, sprays also promote a pleasant odor. It is not designed for cleaning, like vacuuming, but a great addition to improve indoors. Choose carpet sprays that would not harm pets and children.

5. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners

Regular vacuuming may not be enough to preserve carpets but deep cleaning will. Many home remedies can help to remove a carpet stain, however, it will take time to see the best possible results.

Instead, you can opt to hire carpet cleaners to do the job. They know the right tools and equipment to eliminate stains and pathogens off the carpet. It won’t be as costly as you think because deep carpet cleaning can only happen once a year.

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Final Thoughts

The carpet cleaning company based in Fremantle offers the most reliable service in keeping carpets more hygienic. It employs different ways to deep clean carpets at a reasonable price. They use products that are safe for pets and children for residential applications. Most of the cleaning methods are also suitable for commercial purposes making carpets ready to use after a few moments.

Following the tips above will lessen the need to clean carpets oftentimes. Call the staff whenever you need any assistance in prolonging the life of your carpets.


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