Best Folding Saw for Your Home and Garden

The folding saw is another invention by modern man that makes our tasks a heck of a lot easier, just like a corded drill. If you don’t have one already in your garage’s tool kit, now’s the time to buy this handy tool. In this article, I’ll be giving you my selection of best folding saws, as well as help you choose which one is the most suitable one for yourself.


Factors to Consider

1. Intended use

Folding saws are great for multi-purpose use. However, some folding saws are better for camping use, while some are better for gardening. If you already know what you’re going to use your folding saw for, then it would be wise to select a product that can handle the work.

In this product review guide, I’m going to include the recommended work type for each item, so that you will know which folding saw to choose for gardening, camping, or bushcraft.

Best Folding Saws

2. Ergonomics

One of the most important aspects in a folding saw, or any type of saw for that matter, is its ergonomic design. What I recommend you to look for in a particular product is its ability to reduce hand fatigue, as well as provide enough comfort.

Most folding saws offer good ergonomics. So, if you’re a casual DIY-er or not-that-hardcore camper, I recommend choosing a folding saw that you can get used to i.e. something with a good, comfortable handle, and won’t tire out your hands easily.


3. Durability

As always, like in garage heaters and air hoses which are important components of the home, we want to look for a folding saw that can handle the work we’re going to use it for. Using this product review, I’m going to help you spot the brands which are known to produce the most durable products.

In choosing durability, we are investing in a great tool that can last us for years or even decades, if you’re really careful. Moreover, if you’re a user that’s going to utilize this tool on the regular, I definitely recommend choosing the highest quality product.

Best Folding Saws

1. EverSaw 8.0 Folding Hand Saw


This 8” inch saw comes with a rugged steel blade designed to cut wood, bone, and plastic in a fast and efficient way. With a high-quality ergonomic, slip-resistant, and comfort grip handle, this saw won’t tire your hand out while using it, too.


  • 9 teeth per inch
  • Features triple-cut razor teeth for fast and efficient sawing
  • Ergonomic handle for comfort
  • Has a design to reduce friction and binding with Japanese style pull cut sawing
  • Great for general use
  • Has a lock-in blade for safety purposes
  • Blade can be tightened or loosened
  • Can easily cut up to 4” diameter of wood, bone, and plastic


  • Locking mechanism can be easily unlocked (not recommended to place in backpacks)
  • Not recommended for heavy work

I highly recommend this product for people who will be doing light multiple jobs and require a multi-purpose folding saw. This EverSaw variant is definitely great for general use, and won’t tear a hole in your pocket, either.

2. Silky Ultra Accel Professional Folding Saw 240 Medium Teeth 444-24

Silky Ultra Accell Professional Folding Saw

This product features a longer blade at 9 and a half inches, and is known to work amazingly well with green or dry wood. It also has Silky MIRAI-ME technology for fast and efficient cutting, a rubber padded handle for comfort and ergonomics, and a spring-loaded blade lock for safety.


  • 6.4 teeth per inch
  • Built with a sturdy yet lightweight aluminum
  • Relatively lightweight folding saw; easy to carry around
  • Includes a carrying case
  • Great for gardening and landscaping
  • Can cut through wood quickly and efficiently
  • Offers great control and grip
  • High quality blade and handle


  • Not recommended for very thick wood

This folding saw is one of the best options for gardeners and woodworkers, so I definitely recommend the Silky Folding Saw for homeowners with a lot of pruning, trimming, landscaping, and gardening to do. On the other hand, it can also be a great tool for camping and bushcraft.

3. Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw, 9-Inch Blade, 7 TPI


The Bahco folding saw is another general purpose saw on this list. It’s 8 inch blade with 7 teeth per inch can efficiently cut green and dry wood, bone, and plastic. It also comes with a two-component plastic handle for comfort and a good grip.


  • 7 teeth per inch
  • Great for cutting wood, bone, and saw
  • Has an ergonomic handle
  • Features a good lock mechanism
  • Allows a great cutting motion
  • Relatively durable and great for outdoor use


  • Has an unfinished spine
  • Not recommended for more labor-intensive projects

This product was designed for campers and hunters alike, so I highly recommend this saw for those users. Furthermore, this saw has a leather strap and great mechanism safety lock for backpacking purposes.

4. Silky GomBoy Curve Professional Folding Saw 240mm, Large Teeth (717-24)

Silky GomBoy Curve Professional Folding Saw

Looking for a longer blade? This Silky folding saw features a 9.4 inch blade with 8 teeth per inch. This saw is intended for pruning, trimming, lawn and gardening, plus construction, so that makes it an awesome multi-purpose saw for the home and outdoor activities.


  • Great for cutting green or dry wood
  • Long angle curve allows for fast and efficient cutting
  • Lightweight; easy to carry and use
  • Blister pack included
  • Has a comfortable, non-slip handle; great grip
  • Can cut thicker wood up to 4.7 inches


  • Blade can be flimsy; needs careful use

The features of this saw (long blade, low-angle curve, and rubber-cushioned handle) make it a highly recommended product for gardeners, landscapers, hunters, campers, and hikers alike, as it will perform multiple functions well.

5. Corona RS 7265D Razor Tooth Folding Pruning Saw, 10" Curved Blade


The Corona folding saw has a 12-inch saw that can cut through small and medium branches like butter. This brand is known to be very durable, so this long blade will be sure to last you years.


  • Features a 12-inch blade for cutting branches
  • Offers a good grip on handle
  • Designed to cut on the pull motion
  • Curved shape of blade allows better cutting
  • Relatively comfortable and easy to use
  • Lightweight


  • Has an unfinished spine
  • Not recommended for more labor-intensive projects

This product was designed for campers and hunters alike, so I highly recommend this saw for those users. Furthermore, this saw has a leather strap and great mechanism safety lock for backpacking purposes.


The best product on this list is none other than the Silky GOMBOY CURVE PROFESSIONAL Folding Saw, because its medium-sized blade combined with 8.5 inch teeth per inch, reliable handle, and smooth cutting action makes it a great saw for gardening, hunting, and camping use.

Other notable features about our winner are the plastic hinge case included, lightweight feature, and ease of use for its intended applications. Definitely a great product to have in the home!

Secondly, we must also determine the best value choice for this list. And it is none other than the Bahco 396-LAP Laplander folding saw. Why? This product is great for the casual gardener, hunter, or camper that doesn’t want to invest too much in his folding saw. However, that doesn’t mean this saw is low-quality.

In fact, it has a great 8-inch blade that allows smooth cutting for green and dry wood, bone and plastic. Furthermore, it also features a ergonomic two-handle plastic grip plus a great safety lock mechanism.

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