The Best Corded Drills and How to Choose One

One of the most essential tools in home renovation and remodeling is a corded drill. Other than a good framing hammer, a high quality corded drill is needed in order to get the job done quickly and efficiently. This article will help you learn the factors that you have to consider when choosing the right product, as well as discern an option that is most suitable for you.


Factors to Consider


1. Power

The number one thing that you have to look for in a corded drill is its power capacity. Similarly, you have to find a product that suits your intended purpose well.

For example, heavy repair or remodeling work may need a high power drill in order to handle the amount of work it has to do.

2. Versatility

In order to get the most out of your money, I recommend choosing a product that can accommodate different drill tips as well as offer different speeds. In this way, you have a power drill that can use numerous attachments, plus varying speeds, for multi-purpose work.

3. Weight and grip

These factors may be often overlooked when choosing a corded drill. However, it is also important that you choose a product that is neither too heavy nor too light.

Moreover, a corded drill should also have the right type of grip. A proper weight and grip on a corded drill will reduce hand and arm fatigue, while helping you do more work.


The 5 Best Corded Drills

1. DEWALT DWD112 8.0 Amp 3/8-Inch VSR Pistol-Grip Drill with Keyless All-Metal Chuck

For heavy duty work, this product will offer both power and durability, which are two factors that are important if you want your corded drill to last long. Furthermore, the DEWALT drill also offers multiple speeds for a versatile work.


  • Has varying speed levels for versatile work (0-2500 rpm)
  • High power for heavy duty work
  • 3/8-inch all-metal ratcheting keyless chuck for better bit retention
  • Has a soft grip handle for comfort and less fatigue
  • Will last long


  • Slower to fast speed may need practice in order to adjust well

For homeowners looking for high quality and reliable cordless drills, this is the product that I highly recommend.

2. Black & Decker DR260C 5.2-Amp Drill/Driver, 3/8-Inch

A unique feature of this cordless drill is its smaller size compared to others. In this way, it can be used in small or tight spaces such as closets or basements. Moreover, it also features varying speeds up to 1,500 rpm and an on-board bit storage for convenient use.


  • Sufficient power for most general tasks
  • Has an on-board bit storage
  • Has speeds of 0-1500 rpm
  • Has good ergonomics; easy to use


  • A bit heavy for one-handed use

I recommend this drill for basic repair or remodeling; to homeowners that are intending to do general tasks with this drill.

3. BLACK+DECKER BDEDMT Matrix AC Drill/Driver

A great feature of this product is its detachable Matrix Quick Connect system which allows the user to attach different kinds of tools. Furthermore, it has enough power for most tasks, and is also compact for work in tight spaces.


  • Matrix Quick Connect system feature for changing attachments easily
  • Has enough power for general tasks
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Has an 11 position clutch for easy and comfortable grip
  • Reasonably durable


  • May need more power for heavier jobs

The BLACK+DECKER corded drill is recommended for users with a lot of intended purposes, because this product will allow you to attach several tool heads to the drill. Basically, it’s a multi-purpose tool for half the price.

4. DEWALT DWD210G 10-Amp 1/2-Inch Pistol-Grip Drill

For a more powerful option intended for heavy-duty work, this option may be the better one for you. Like most drills, it also offers varying speeds (0-1200rpm). Generally, this DEWALT corded drill is designed for versatility and durability, which makes it a great tool for steel and wood work.


  • Very powerful drill
  • Great for steel and wood work, especially
  • Has varying speeds up to 1200 rpm
  • A very durable and versatile drill


  • The power surge can be difficult to modulate for some users

I recommend this powerful drill for users with a lot of heavy work to do, especially those involving steel or wood.

5. PORTER-CABLE PC600D 6 Amp 3/8-Inch Variable Speed Drill

If you want a simple, straight-to-the-point tool with a lot of power and varying speed, this PORTER-CABLE corded drill is suitable for you. Moreover, this option is a great tool for metal and wood fabrication, and you can expect a lot of power for a longer time.


  • Speed of up to 2500 rpm
  • Great tool for steel and wood work
  • Keyless 3/8 inch chuck for easy bit changing
  • Is a powerful tool for most jobs- Will last a long time


  • May be difficult to steer for some users
  • A bit heavy for one-handed use

I highly recommend this product for users with a lot of steel and wood work, because this product has a higher power and high speed for that type of task.


As always, we’ve come to the point wherein we must choose only one. When it comes to the top choice for this list, I’ve considered all the factors; power, versatility, weight, and durability.

The corded drill that meets all of our expectations is the DEWALT DWD112 8.0 Amp 3/8-Inch VSR Pistol-Grip Drill with Keyless All-Metal Chuck. This product has more power for a lot of general and heavy duty work, as well as speeds of 0-2500 rpm that can be adjusted according to the work. So, power and versatility are there.

What about weight and durability? The DEWALT DWD112 8.0 Amp 3/8-Inch VSR Pistol-Grip Drill is reasonably lightweight, compact, as well as very durable. Thus, you can expect this product to be easy to use and last for a very long time.


On the other hand, if you need a heavy duty work horse professional drill the product from this list would have to be DEWALT DWD210G 10-Amp 1/2-Inch Pistol-Grip Drill. This product is highly recommended for basic tasks, but rest assured that it will do the heavy lifting for those bigger ones as well without ripping t big a hole in your pocket.

That is all for this article, and make sure to read on our other buying guides (best garage heater) that will help you choose the best of the best. Did you enjoy this article? If you did, leave a comment below and share this article. Thanks for reading!


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