Tips To Avoid Mistakes When Installing a Shower Door

A few years back, interior décor only demanded attractive paint, some portraits hanging on the wall, and good and expensive furniture but, now the trends have changed! Interior decoration doesn’t mean decorating master bedrooms, living rooms, or just a kitchen. So, what about bathrooms? They are also supposed to be perfect and elegant according to the theme of the entire house. 

So, have you planned to remodel your bathrooms? What are you waiting for? Go into action and firstly grab a good quality shower door, if you need a modern bathroom décor. Frameless shower doors are not only perfect for achieving modern décor but also super beneficial when it comes to functionality. A walk-in shower is that be real individually from the breather of the bathroom. A walk-in shower can create the impression of more interplanetary and elasticity the bathroom to fresh-lined appearance. And for the population that select a fast shower to extensive soak, this translation is indisputable to suit your energetic lifestyle.

  In order to install a flawless framed or frameless shower door, you should avoid common mistakes that we usually make. 

Here, go through this in-depth write-up about tips to avoid common mistakes while installing shower doors and make your installation process perfect! Let’s get into the business. 

1. Don’t install in a space where cleaning is difficult

Some spaces in the bathroom are unable to clean or hard to clean. So, look for space that could easily be cleaned even after you have installed a shower door there. It would be easier for you to maintain cleanliness in the bathroom, especially inside the shower area. 

2. Must check the shower curb slope

Sometimes, we forgot to check out the shower curb slope. That’s crucial to consider for successful water containment. If you ignore this, you may face leakage and an increase in the growth of mildew. It can increase the risk of getting slipped and you may fall while entering in shower. 

3. Never choose a high-maintenance design

There are some sorts of shower door designs that require high maintenance, don’t go for such options. They can cause frequent maintenance sessions from time to time. 

4. Always go for shower glass with a protective layer

When you are buying a frameless shower door or even a framed one, you must check out whether the glass has a protective layer or not. Some types of glass have a protective layer when they are manufactured, so you have fewer risks of getting mildew and soap scums. 

5. Search for modern design

Don’t opt for old designs. Search and figure out the modern and trending shower door designs, then select the one that better suits your theme. 

6. Prefer choosing a sliding shower door for small spaces

For smaller spaces, especially, sliding frameless shower doors works well enough. Here, hinged or pivot shower doors won’t be functional as such doors need a lot of room for opening and closing the doors. So, sliding doors work well, as they are supposed to move online in one direction, backward and forward, within their rack. 

7. Don’t go for the cheapest or over pricey

When choosing a shower door for your bathroom, don’t opt for the most expensive or cheapest option, and choose the one that comes in your budget. However, this doesn’t mean you should go for low-quality. It’s hard to find good quality at reasonable prices, for this purpose visit the online glass company Fab Glass and Mirrors.

8. Choosing cheap knobs and handles

Choosing the cheapest handles or knobs isn’t a good idea as they can rust easily. You can check out or ask the manufacturers whether the steel is stainless or not. Stainless steel will be effective enough whenever it is exposed to moisture. 

9 Take measurements twice or thrice

Don’t forget to take measurements twice or even more than two times for a shower door. It will ease the framed or frameless shower door installation. Whatever door type you choose, must take out the measurements two times, minimum. 

10. Choose the model that’s functional

Research the option among shower doors that is way functional and effective. It means you should opt for the design or model that needs less maintenance, is easy to clean, suits well with the décor, and performs its functions well. 

11. Contact a professional for installation

After that, the most important thing is to contact a professional installer. Framed shower doors can be easily installed by anyone, but frameless shower doors are way difficult to install. So, contact a professional or expert for perfect frameless shower door installation. 

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Above all!

If you have made up your mind to remodel your bathroom, then what stops you? Don’t be afraid of installing a shower door, it has many benefits and the tempered glass makes it sturdier enough to protect it against breakage. Just follow these tips to avoid common mistakes and perfectly install a shower door.


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