How To Cut Glass Tiles Correctly And Beautifully

When it comes to glass tiles, I have prepared a separate article, since the method slightly differs from cutting ceramic tiles. The process is very simple and will become easy for you after some practice, so here is an article on how to cut glass tiles beautifully.


Note that for this article, I have chosen to use the wet saw as my cutting tool, as this method will allow you to cut a lot of tiles for half the time and effort. If you don't have a cutting saw at home, you can either rent one at your local hardware store or invest in one of your own.


How to Cut Glass Tiles

Step 1: Replace your wet saw blade

Cutting glass tiles with a regular wet saw blade is possible, but the results may not be of the same quality as cutting with a glass tile blade. Thus, I recommend purchasing a glass tile blade (preferably diamond electroplated glass blade) to prevent the tile from blowing at the back, chips, or cracks.

Replace wet saw blade

Replace your wet saw blade with a glass saw blade. Clean the blade thoroughly so sand or debris does not affect its performance. If the glass blade is not brand new, sharpen the edge with a special abrasive stone made for this type of blade.


Do not use a regular concrete slab to sharpen the blade, as this can cause breakage or damage.

After you've placed the glass blade, tighten the bolt and place the casing. Hook up your machine to an electric outlet.

Step 2: Set the depth of the blade

Set your glass saw blade at just the right depth, leaving only a little space between the tray and the blade itself. To make cutting easier and more efficient, make sure you have enough water on your tray.

Moreover, if you have a wet saw blade that allows you to adjust water settings, set it at the highest possible level.

Step 3: Cut your glass tiles

Cut your glass tiles

Lay your tile on the tray along the guide. Turn on your saw, then with a smooth, fluid motion, push the tray towards the blade and allow it to do its job. Remember not to cut too slowly, as this can cause chips or cracks on the glass tile. With enough practice, you'll get the cutting motion down pat.

Remember to wear your work gloves and other protective gear while working.


If you are a beginner at cutting glass tiles, use a sample glass tile to practice on in order to not waste your actual glass tiles.

Step 4: Break off the pieces

If you've set up your depth just right, the glass tile should have cut, but not thoroughly. You should see a smooth cut on the surface, and just a bump on the back. To separate the two pieces, carefully break them off from each other using running pliers.

You should notice that the cut is very sharp and smooth. If you have some blowback, cracks, or chips, set the depth of your blade a little bit higher.

Break off the pieces

Step 4: Polish off the sides

With a rubbing stone, carefully polish off the sides of the glass tile where you've cut it. With this method, the end result should be beautiful and sharply cut tiles.



Yes, that's it. I told you cutting glass tiles is easy; you just need to use the right materials and get the hang of the cutting motion. It's almost as easy as replacing a shower head! 

Now that you know how to cut glass tiles, you can proceed with that bathroom or kitchen remodeling project you've always had in mind.

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VIDEO: How to Cut A Glass Tile


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