How Real Estate Video Marketing Can Help Your Property Sell Faster

The real estate industry has gone through a major transformation in recent years, and it is still on a path of evolution. The industry has witnessed several clutter-breaking technologies and is now using them in its day-to-day business. Currently, a trend dominating the real estate industry is using videos and video marketing.

Almost one-third of the property listings that we see today are videos. You will witness the transition even in the remaining two-thirds of the property listings in the coming years. The needs of the customers of the real estate industry have evolved. They are looking for holistic solutions and want to know everything about the property before visiting. Hence, videos have turned out to be the best tool for giving real estate consumers a glimpse of the property. Read on to learn how to use real estate video marketing to make your sale.

Videos Used in the Real Estate Industry

Several players in the real estate industry are making the best use of videos. Videos give you the avenue to experiment by using several formats before you find the right one. Therfore, you can keep trying different video formats before finding a few that work for your company.

Some of the best real estate video ideas are discussed in detail. You can weigh your options and then decide on the category of video content that will work for you.

Client Testimonials

People who make big-ticket purchases in the real estate industry need to trust the company. Hence, building the faith and trust of the customers is very important. You can make consumers trust you by giving them reasons why you are a preferred partner. Client testimonials work the best when it comes to building trust.

They are social proof that tells people how good you are and how you provide the best services in the industry. Hence, you can ask a few of your past or existing customers to record a video testimonial so that you can share it on different social media channels. Once you have the footage, you must use an online video editor to make the testimonial visually appealing.

Also, your clientele is not just limited to home buyers. You can invite other stakeholders, like mortgage lenders, furniture providers, etc., to talk about their relationship with the company and their experiences while working with you. Once you have the footage, you can change it using a video editor.

Listing Announcements

Potential home buyers are always on the lookout for new listings. There is a high chance that they are aware of the existing properties in a particular area as they have used different portals and websites to conduct their search. Therefore, whenever a new listing comes up, you need to create a buzz about the same. After making a few edits, you can shoot a new listing and post it on your social media channels and listing app.

Alternatively, you can also click a few pictures of the best areas of the property and then sew all the pictures together to create the video. When you make a listing announcement, you have complete control over the types of things that you want to highlight. Hence, you can select the best bits of the property and make it a part of your listing announcement.

You must also add a creative CTA to attract your buyers. A good CTA will drive customers to your website or make inquiries about the listing directly.

Open House Announcements

A property becomes much more coveted and attractive if more people are interested. Also, the demand gives a small window to the real estate agents to improve their earnings on every profit. You can conduct an open house event at the property and invite people who have expressed their interest in buying the property.

Make open house announcement videos and post them on social media to invite people to attend the event. You will experience a huge jump in the number of attendees if your video is exciting and edited well. You must try to shoot directly from the property, as it will show your customers what they are missing out on. Also, instead of shooting a video and posting it, you can use the live video features to give your existing and potential customers a flavor of the event.

Open house videos have brought revenues to companies working across sectors and are highly relevant in the real estate industry. Hence, you should try your best to make a video that looks exciting and drives people toward your property or your services.

Price Reduction Announcements

The price reduction of a property is one of the most important events in the real estate industry. It will help if you inform your target audience of price changes in most of your coveted properties. You can use the video to break the information to them. It would be best if you also mentioned when the price would be active.

However, using price advertising to drive sales can be challenging, as when you reduce the prices in a listing, the real estate buyers might suspect a foul play, and they might start scouting for reasons why the price has been reduced. You must include a small section in the video to tell your customers about the price change and the reasons for the change.


Real estate video marketing has become a popular trend, and every real estate business is trying to capitalize on the opportunity. You must try to understand the kind of videos that are doing well. However, your strategy should not just be limited to the type of videos you create. It should also include channels where you can post your videos to reach a wider audience. Once you create a holistic strategy to approach video marketing, you can improve your real estate sales.


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