Does a Fence Increase Your Home’s Value?

As we head into winter, many homeowners are considering the best home updates in order to sell favorably come springtime. Housing prices are still relatively high all across the country, so selling profitably won’t be too difficult with a trusted real estate agent on your side. However, top-notch realtors always recommend tackling a few updates to the property before selling no matter your home’s condition. 

Updating your curb appeal is one of the most important tasks to increase your home’s value, however, you’ll want to be careful where you’re investing your money. If adding a fence to your property is a consideration, keep reading for everything you’ll need to know!

The cost of building a fence from scratch

In general, construction costs spiked during the pandemic, so the cost of building a fence isn’t cheap. If you’re determined to install a new fence, expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 to $4,000.

There are plenty of factors that will influence your final costs, including the length of your fence perimeter, material (ranging from $1 to $45 per linear foot), permits depending on your city or county, and whether you decide to hire professionals or tackle the project yourself. 

The height or your fence will also be a contributing factor. While front yards are typically around 3 feet tall, backyard fences can range from 6 to 8 feet. The higher the fence, the larger your material costs. 

What to consider when choosing your material 

As noted, your choice material is going to be one of the biggest deciding factors in your final costs. However, less expensive options are less likely to increase your home’s value or curb appeal. As you consider what renovations to tackle before selling, keeping return on investment in mind should be a priority.

While vinyl and aluminum will be expensive in terms of initial material cost, both require low maintenance costs. Alternatively, wood is moderately priced and excellent for privacy but will require upkeep down the line. Wrought iron is expensive and will require higher maintenance, however, wrought iron will definitely increase your home’s curb appeal, aesthetic, and value. 

Before making any final decisions, consider your location and climate. Areas with heavy rain, wind and snow may require more durable materials. While wrought iron is the most durable, it will also require regular maintenance. Aluminum requires less maintenance but isn’t quite as durable. 

How much will adding a fence increase your home’s value?

At the end of the day, if a fence isn’t going to add value to your home before you sell, you’ll be better off improving other areas of your home instead. 

Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee a fence will add value to your home. As a homeowner, you may enjoy having that morning coffee on your front porch without worrying your furry friend will escape, or perhaps you enjoy relaxing in your backyard without neighbors’ prying eyes. This doesn’t necessarily guarantee your buyers will have the same preference. 

A charming fence around your home will surely increase your home’s curb appeal,  but there are much cheaper ways to do so. Simple lawn maintenance, a relatively inexpensive endeavor, will do the same to your curb appeal without the hefty costs.  Letting your buyer decide for themselves whether or not they want to build a fence around your property may be the safer option. 

Always consider the buyer’s needs in your area. For instance, pet owners may pay more for a property with a fence and those living in crowded neighborhoods may desire a fence for privacy. While fences are more popular in urban areas, the return on investment still doesn’t justify building a fence from scratch before selling. 

Already have a fence? Consider fixing rather than building 

While adding a fence to your property just to add value might not be the best way to increase your ROI, fixing a fence that’s in bad shape might be a favorable alternative. 

Thankfully, most fence maintenance can be done yourself, but you’ll want to turn to the experts if the fence is leaning, damaged, or completely broken. If you want your fence back in pristine condition, always look to the professionals

However, there’s plenty of fence maintenance that can be done yourself. Sand your wood fence and give it a new coat of paint, or try power washing your wrought iron fence to give it a refreshed look. 

If your fence is really in bad shape, the best solution may be to just get rid of it. When it comes to repairing, you’ll need to be realistic. Since the cost of building a new fence doesn’t equal the value a fence adds to a property, you’ll want to be conservatie when it comes to spending funds in this area.


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