7 Signs CCTV Security Systems Need Replacement

CCTV security systems provide your property with a layer of security that can deter criminals from robbing your home. Furthermore, even if they decide to rob your home. You can use your CCTV to identify the suspects.

Generally, when you buy a CCTV system, it stays reliable for many years. Some even use theirs for more than a decade. However, while they still work, you aren’t quite sure if they can still provide for your needs or if they’re functioning effectively.

Furthermore, the older a system gets, the more likely it will start to have some problems. To avoid finding yourself in a tight situation where your CCTV fails when you need it most. These are the top signs that you need to replace your security camera system.

Low-quality footage

When you buy your new CCTV, of course, you’re impressed with its quality. But when it gets old, you’ll notice that the footage’s quality gets lower because the video quality is improving everywhere else.

To fix this, there are some things that you can do, such as upgrading your cameras to more modern ones to improve the quality of the footage. You can also use these modern cameras to add other features like Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and facial recognition. Click here to read more.

Burnout from the sun

Did you use your camera outdoors when the box doesn’t state that it’s an outdoor camera? Well, if your camera is failing, then it’s probably due to that. As outdoor cameras use more durable material that allows them to survive the hot conditions.

When you use standard cameras outdoors, direct sunlight can travel through the lens and destroy the image sensor on your camera.

The first signs you’ll notice when this happens are warped images and blurriness. As time goes by, the cameras will continue to worsen until they eventually die.

While some standard security cameras can perform in the heat. You’ll have to test them first since they aren’t designed for those conditions. As soon as you notice some weird signs, put them in a different spot as soon as possible.

You don’t maintain your CCTV security system.

CCTV security systems require proper maintenance for them to last longer. With them constantly running all day, they are bound to fail when it’s not maintained.

To avoid this, you need to prioritize maintaining your CCTV. You need to have a maintenance schedule and not just call a professional when there’s already a problem.

But, if you’ve had your CCTV security system for a long time already and you don’t maintain it. Starting maintenance now might be too late, and it might be a wiser decision to just replace the system completely.

Your camera is mounted on a metal surface

If you place your camera on a metal surface, there’s a risk that the surface might be a conductor of electricity, and hence, attract lightning.

Due to this, it’s wise to insulate the wirings in preparation for thunderstorms. Without insulation, the CCTV  might be burnt by electricity.

To avoid any issues with electricity, mount your cameras on a non-metal surface. If there’s no alternative, make sure that the camera isn’t touching the surface by putting something like a block of wood under the camera.

The footage is cut out.

While your footage may be cut out because of poor signal or interference, if it happens too often, it might be a serious issue troubling your CCTV security system.

It may be due to problems with the camera, the network, or storage. If this happens to you, it’s vital to note when it happens, such as when it’s raining or when the winds are strong. Does it happen when you stream the video from the cloud?

It’s key to know these things, so you can help your technician out by providing them with as much information about the problem as possible.

 You don’t have the latest features.

Modern security cameras come with many additional features for better security and ease of use. For example, modern CCTVs can be connected to an alarm system.

By replacing your CCTV with a modern one, you can get features that will make your home more secure and your life much easier.

No remote monitoring

If there’s one feature where modern security cameras excel, it’s remote monitoring. A few years ago, you could only view footage when you got home.

With modern CCTV security systems, you can monitor your cameras remotely even when you’re not home. It means even if you’re busy at work. You can check on your pets or catch a possible burglary at home.

If your CCTV has remote monitoring, but it has started to fail, you need to contact your technician quickly. When talking to your technician. Make sure to have all the additional information necessary and describe the problem in detail.

Furthermore, if this happens, it’s a sign that other parts of your CCTV security system will start to fail, as well. Try to fix it, but if it’s too damaged, consider replacing your CCTV.

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Routine maintenance is essential in protecting your CCTV system. But, even with all the maintenance in the world, all CCTVs have a lifespan.

If it’s failing or you’re not satisfied with your CCTV anymore, it’s time to consider replacing your CCTV. When replacing your CCTV. Make sure to get your money’s worth by checking out new CCTV security systems from a reliable company.



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