What to Avoid When Renting Dumpsters for Construction Sites?

Construction sites have a lot going on and produce tons of scrap metal and other waste that needs to be disposed of before it becomes an eyesore or safety hazard. The United States records nearly 350 million tons of construction waste annually, making it difficult to find a viable waste management solution. Fortunately, M&M Waste is a reputable company that can help you get a suitable dumpster rental in Dunwoody. However, before signing any papers, you need to consider the following factors that often result in inefficiency and extra costs.

Size of the Dumpster

When gaining a dumpster rental in Dunwoody, the most crucial factor is ensuring the size suits your waste management needs. This will depend on the type and amount of waste the construction site produces. Construction dumpster units usually range from 10- to 40-yard contains, hence the need to consult a professional dumpster company for guidance. Choosing a smaller or larger unit than your needs has its fair share of repercussions. We can prevent such inconveniences by assessing the size of the project and the waste produced to recommend an ideal dumpster rental for your project.

Location of the Dumpster

Finding an ideal location to place your dumpster rental can be challenging, especially with limited room. The last thing you want is to put your dumpster in a place where it hinders movement and the overall efficiency and safety of the site. If you’re going to find the best place to place your dumpster rental in Dunwoody, we can help. Our experts ensure the unit is marked hazardous and placed at a safe distance where it won’t interfere with traffic.

Type of Dumpster

Another vital factor to consider is the material you put in your dumpster. The waste you are dealing with determines the type of dumpster rental. So, the next time you get a dumpster rental in Mableton, make sure you research first. Throwing everything in your unit can lead to costly fines and penalties, or worse, legal action. If you are dealing with debris from the construction site, make sure your waste management container can handle items such as tubes of chalk, plywood, construction adhesives, concrete, and metal.


When you rent a dumpster, you shouldn’t assume you can keep the unit until the end of the project. We recommend approximating the project’s overall duration and the downtime between hauling and drop-off. Ask your service provider if they can drop off the second dumpster as soon as possible to prevent losing precious work time. It also helps reduce extra charges associated with exceeding the specified time limit.

Now that you know what to avoid when renting a dumpster for your construction project, it’s time to find a trusted company to help you achieve your waste management goals. We have a professional and experienced team of technicians ready to help you get the best dumpster rental in Mableton. Contact us at M&M Waste and schedule a consultation with our representatives. Enjoy top-notch dumpster units at competitive market rates.


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