Top Tips for Styling Your Home in Black and White

While maximalism is having an impact right now, you may still prefer to keep the color toned down in your home and use a lot of black and white. Alternatively, you might be keen to change your style somewhat and pare it back with more of a monochrome look. Either way, it helps to know some of the tips for using a black-and-white palette in an abode.

Add Interest with Patterns and Texture

For starters, to stop a room from looking too plain when you choose a lot of black and white, you can add in the use of patterns and texture to ramp up results. For example, play around with patterns in your choice of flooring, wallpaper, furniture, or architectural elements. You might use polka dots, stripes, plaids, abstract motifs, or geometrics in a room to create a bold effect.

Consider laying a checkerboard floor, picking out a black and white floral wallpaper for the walls, or adding textured black lamps, metal sconces, rugs, and the like to a room that’s decorated primarily in simple white. You can also use paneling to add more depth to darkly-hued walls or buy white chairs with boucle or velvet to add more interest.

You could put up black and white tiles in a kitchen or bathroom with a basket weave design or another pattern. Or, in a living room, you could install a black ceiling fan in a matte finish and add some textured upholstery items in the room, such as sofas or chairs made using linen, wool, leather, cotton, faux sheepskin, and the like.

Incorporate Some More Warmth with Wood and Other Natural Elements

Lots of black and white in a property is fine for some people, especially those who like simple, pared-back lines, but for some, this can end up feeling a little too cold and stark. If you’re in this boat, adding some wood or other natural elements to rooms is worthwhile to give you a feeling of warmth.

For instance, you could choose a dark wooden floor to go with a kitchen all done out in glossy white cabinets and bench, paired with black tapware and handles. Or, if you prefer a Scandi decorating style, you could opt for a pale wood like white oak in flooring, cabinetry, ceiling beams, or furniture. All these options and more will help soften a black-and-white color scheme and make your home feel cozier.

Use Black and White to Bring an Edge to More Traditional Décor or Architecture

Many people think that using a lot of black and white in a home is always suited purely to modern architectural and design styles, such as Scandinavian or contemporary décor. However, black and white can actually be used wonderfully to amp up more classic interiors in traditional or historic properties.

Whether you have a farmhouse, boho, shabby chic, coastal, or French country décor, black and white can bring an edge that updates the look and feel without overwhelming it. As a result, don’t think you can’t use this color combination in your home if it’s not modern.

Pair with Brass or Gold Fittings and Fixtures

Another way to elevate black and gold decorating choices is to pair them with brass or gold fittings and fixtures. Doing this makes the design look more modern and updated and adds a hint of warmth, too. You might choose gold or brass accents in a room via cupboard handles, lighting pieces, faucets, knobs, and more.

Choose a “Wow” Piece

If you don’t like using too much black and white in a room, you might instead select one or both of these shades to make a statement. You might pick out a single “wow” piece in one of these strong hues that will draw focus right away when people step into a room or choose a few separate items in the opposing color, such as a range of beautiful black artwork frames in a room with a lot of white. Or, you could select a black and white sculpture, mural, chandelier, or rug to take up residence in the space.

Mix Periods and Styles

To stick with just black and white in a room but stop it from coming across as too sterile, mix periods and styles that form a feeling of a curated collection of objects and materials. For example, you might decorate with a white or black painted vintage or antique buffet or dresser, plus a modern, striped, black and white rug, some cute little black or white vases, and some cushions in one or both of these simple shades.

Integrate older and newer pieces and those in different styles, and you’ll create an inviting interior with a sense of timelessness and warmth.

These are just some of the ways that you can style your home in black and white effects. As you can tell, going monochrome doesn’t have to be boring. Have fun and play around with ideas, and you’re sure to love using black and white in many rooms within your property.


  • Kyle Gordon

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