Make the Most of Your 1 Bedroom Apartment with These Tips

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for an apartment in New York City, London or some far away place finding an apartment in and around the city can get challenging. Even if you’re fortunate to find one on, styling the apartment for optimal usage meanwhile making the small space appear larger is no child’s play. In this article, we’ve strived to help you make the most of your 1 bedroom (1BHK) apartment.

  1. Colors
    Light-colored walls make a living space look larger. When selecting colours for your walls, go for whites, pastels, and sorbet tones. Colours like Eggshell, Beige, Cream, Mauve, Rose, Baby Blue, Sage Green, and Lemon Yellow are great primary shades for a small room. Adding contrasting artwork or decor gives the room a pop of colour whilst making the basic room look eclectic. A deep purple vase kept on a mute table in front of a mauve wall will automatically make the simple effort speak volumes on style.

  2. Storage
    Dressers, cabinets, box beds, and chests will be a saving grace. Light-coloured with a distressed finish give the storage units an invisible look, especially when teamed with pastel walls and contrasting decor. If you choose a bold wallpaper for your kitchen, sorbet tones on kitchen cabinets give a refreshing contrast to the monotony of print.

  3. Floating bookshelves
    For avid readers owning a mini library, heavy bookshelves take up space and can eat up a small room. Floating shelves create extra space without really taking up space themselves. The brackets are drilled into the wall and can hold up a lot of weight.
  1. Furniture
    Lightweight and dark furniture with wide legs gives an illusion of space. A patterned rug underneath can bring the whole room together. It will bind the pastels, contrasting artwork, and dark furniture with ease.

  2. Greenery
    House plants bring life to any room and elevate the overall vision. Areca Palm, hanging pots of spider plants and tiny succulents strategically placed on window corners give a bohemian look while purifying the air.

  3. Lighting
    Yellow lights hanging low from the ceiling calm the room’s atmosphere and sets a mature vibe. A yellow lamp hanging over your coffee table with a neat pile of books and a succulent on top will be a Pinterest-worthy snap.

  4. Mirrors
    Strategically placed mirrors make rooms look larger. Mirrors placed in front of a window or adjacent to one will make any room look twice its size.

  5. Minimalism
    For a more spacious effect, it is best to keep the decor minimalistic. A cluttered house gives a closed, negative vibe and blocks the airflow.

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