How To Make Ugly Cabinets Look Great!

Do your cabinets look outdated or dull? That means they need an upgrade! Cabinets aren’t just there to store your favourite dinnerware but also play an essential role in pulling the whole look of your kitchen together. Whether you’re thinking of hiring a professional to get the job done or turning it into your DIY project, these helpful tips can easily elevate your cabinets.

There are many methods to upgrading the interior design of your kitchen, simply by touching up your kitchen cabinets. Sometimes, budget constraints prevent you from purchasing brand new cabinets, or perhaps shopping for an entirely new set isn’t viable in your busy day-to-day schedule. Regardless of your situation or budget, we’ve outlined several ways to upgrade your kitchen cabinets without denting your wallet (or your walls).

Do a Paint Job

Are you dying to add some life back into your cabinets? You should consider painting them! Painting your kitchen cabinets can seem daunting, but painting is less of an undertaking than replacing them entirely.

Once you’ve decided on a colour, think about the finish and style you want to go for, and you will be looking at brand new kitchen cabinets in no time. There are countless how-to articles and YouTube videos for the painting process, so make sure to “brush” up on your cabinet painting skills, tips and tricks to turn around your kitchen’s appearance.

Insert Contact Paper

Contact paper is a mess-free and affordable option if paint jobs aren’t your cup of tea. Plus, it’s less time-consuming and super easy. Just apply it to your cabinet’s panels and prepare yourself to be amazed by the finished results. You’ll never go back to having plain, old cabinets again.

This is an ideal option for those who are renting—you may not necessarily receive or want to ask for your landlord’s permission to make modifications to your interior furniture. As a student on a budget, contact paper is a creative solution that can immediately improve the look of your ugly kitchen cabinets and add your flair to the apartment.

Reface Them

Do your cabinets have scratches or grease stains that you’re tired of seeing? Rather than spending thousands of dollars on new cabinets, you should invest in refacing. This involves replacing old cabinet doors and drawers with your desired choice. Not only will you be saving big on money, but your cabinets will go from looking drab to fab! For under $1,000, you can make a significant impact on the display of your kitchen cabinets without spending five times as much on total replacements. This is an excellent budget-conscious option for your interior design upgrades. A veneer is a great way to touch up the external appearance, or you could replace the door for the units. Either option presents innovative and impactful improvements without breaking the bank.

Install Shelves

Shelves are great for maximizing your kitchen’s storage and enhancing your cabinets. Don’t hesitate to get creative and add some open shelving or pull-out shelves to optimize your kitchen space! You can install fixed shelves for increased storage space, or if you want to get your hands involved with a DIY project, you can learn how to create pull-out shelves. Shelving allows you to reduce your cabinets’ “barren” look and add aesthetic decorative pieces or the purposeful benefits of additional storage space.

Install Undercabinet Lighting

If your cabinets look dark and dreary, there’s a straightforward solution: shine some light! Having good lighting will make them stand out and add that dramatic effect your kitchen has been missing. If you are looking to change the mood in the evening, under cabinet lighting (if adjustable) can provide an ambient glow that accompanies a relaxed environment.

With undercabinet lighting, you’ll have the added benefits of adequate lighting for your meal preparation, and it emphasizes the colours and contours in your kitchen’s flooring, tiles and backsplash design. Eliminating creepy shadows and blind spots during the evening and aesthetic improvements to your cabinets make undercabinet lighting a no-brainer. You can get creative with the lighting apparatus you use, with countless options for dimming, colours, or sensor-activated power. Whether you choose battery-operated lights, hardwired, or a plug-in solution for your undercabinet lighting, it’s a low-cost investment that can provide great returns in contentment and satisfaction.

Are you excited to give your cabinets a makeover? Keep these tips in mind, and you’re guaranteed to fall in love with them again! Pick up the phone or grab your paintbrush and get started today!

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