Different Storage Spaces in your Bedroom that are Perfect for Hiding Away Clutter

As any homeowner knows, bedrooms can quickly become cluttered with clothes, books, toys, and other belongings. Fortunately, there are different storage spaces that can be easily incorporated into any bedroom, helping to keep the space tidy and organized. Today, we will help you with the different spaces that can be used for hiding away clutter in your Bedroom. Along with our tips, we will assist you in getting some special furniture and other bedroom essentials from West elm. West Elm is an excellent place to shop for stylish and functional storage solutions for your Bedroom. With a West elm discount code, you can save even more on their already affordable prices. Some of their most popular storage items include drawers, baskets, boxes, bins, etc. These are perfect for hiding away clutter and come in various styles and colours to match any decor. Let us start now with the most effective storage spaces in your Bedroom.

11 Must Options to Consider for Better Storage Space in your Bedroom

  1. Under the Bed

One of the most common bedroom storage spaces is under the bed. This is because it’s out of sight and can easily be used to store items that you don’t need daily. You can use boxes or plastic containers to store things like extra blankets, pillows, linens, or seasonal clothing.

  1. In the Closet

Another great storage space in the Bedroom is in the closet. This is especially true in case you have a walk-in closet. Organize clothes, shoes, handbags, and jewellery with shelves, baskets, and bins.

  1. On top of the Furniture

If you have taller pieces of furniture in your Bedrooms, such as a dresser or armoire, you can use the space on top of them to store things. This is a great place for items you don’t need daily, such as out-of-season clothing, extra blankets, and pillows.

  1. In Drawers

You can also use the drawers in your furniture as storage in your Bedroom. In addition to dressers and nightstands, desks may also be used. Keep things neat and organized by using drawer dividers.

  1. Underneath Window Seats

Using the space underneath a window seat in your Bedroom for storage is a great idea. This is the perfect place for linens, towels, and extra blankets.

  1. In an Empty Wall Space

In your Bedroom, you can use extra wall space for storage. Hang things like hooks or shelving units to store clothes, jewellery, or handbags.

  1. In a Basket or Bin

Using baskets or bins is an easy way to get some added storage to any room. You can find these in various sizes and styles, and they are perfect for storing things like clothes, linens, toys, or even shoes.

  1. On the Back of Doors

The back of the doors is mostly overlooked as a storage space, but it can be utilized perfectly. You can easily hang hooks on the back doors to store things like robes, towels, or even clothes.

  1. Behind a Mirror

Use the space behind a mirror in the Bedroom as another storage option. Jewellery, makeup, and even scarves and hats can be stored here.

  1. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are an effective way to add storage to any room and don’t take up much space. They are perfect for storing books, pictures, or even plants.

  1. Multi Purpose Furniture

Furniture that serves more than one purpose is a great way to add extra storage to your Bedroom. An example would be a daybed that can be used as a sofa during the day and pulled out into a bed at night.

These are just some of the different storage spaces in your Bedroom that you can use to hide away clutter. Utilizing these spaces let’s you keep your bedroom neat.

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The Bottomline

Clutter can be stressful and take up valuable mental energy. Utilizing different storage spaces in your bedroom can declutter your life and create a calmer environment. We hope that this valuable information has assisted you in finding some new ideas for hiding away your clutter. And if you want a little more help, don’t forget to use the West elm voucher code to save on your purchase.


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