6 Best Tips for Finding the Right Septic Company

Over 21 million households in the United States rely on a septic system for waste management. Even if these systems are effective, they require regular maintenance inspections to ensure everything is running at high performance. We recommend septic tank pumping and cleaning every three to five years at Septic Blue, but this may only apply to some units. Hiring a professional is the best way to maintain your waste management system in tip-top condition. Here are tips to help you find the right septic company.

Work Experience

As mentioned, a septic system is vital in helping you manage waste safely and better. You need a technician with sufficient expertise and industry experience to perform a wide range of services, like installation and maintenance. We leverage state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee top-notch septic pumping in Norcross and other services to ensure everything complies with the local code. Inexperienced technicians risk further damage and costly repairs or legal action.

License and Insurance

Before hiring a septic company for installation or septic pumping in Norcross, ensure they are licensed and insured. This is a clear sign of legitimacy and gives you peace of mind knowing you are dealing with a professional septic company. In addition, an insured company protects you from financial liability when there’s system damage or injuries during the project.

Approach to Cleaning and Waste Disposal

When you schedule routine cleaning and inspection, it may involve pumping out the sludge and scum building up in your tank. Our approach to cleaning reflects how seriously we take our environmental duties regarding waste disposal. It is vital to ensure you ask for accreditation to affirm their stand on ecological values. Look at precautions taken to protect the environment during septic tank pumping in Norcross.

Services Rendered

If your primary concern is to hire a septic company to install and regularly maintain your system, then you are in luck because there are many companies in the market. However, only some providers offer extra services that benefit your drainage systems in the long run. Some additional services include annual inspections and emergency call-outs for septic pumping in Norcross.


Another vital factor to consider before hiring a septic company is the service cost. Some inexperienced or unaccredited service providers offer meager rates to compensate, so watch out! Hiring a company based on price can lead to overage charges or, worse, further damage to your unit. We recommend asking for multiple quotes to narrow down a viable septic company in your area.


Last, your best bet for finding a trusted septic service is through reviews from previous customers with the contractor. Although most companies have websites that ease the process, getting word of mouth from a third party is crucial. Inquire about reliability, work ethic, and expertise. This is an excellent way to find a reputable septic company in an overcrowded market.

Contact us at Septic Blue and schedule a consultation with professional septic contractors. We are experienced and well-equipped to address any issue, guaranteeing quality services at competitive market rates.


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