5 Home Remodeling Ideas that Can Increase the Value of Your Property

Many people often confuse home renovations with remodeling a home. A renovation is simply a cosmetic change to a room in a home, such as a new paint job, new floors, new countertops, or even a new bathtub or shower— as long as the room being renovated retains its original purpose.

On the other hand, a remodel changes the structure and sometimes even the purpose of a room. Remodels almost always have to be done by professional contractors, while the majority of renovations can be done by the homeowner. Either way, both remodels and renovations tend to increase property value— especially remodels.

1 Attic, Basement, and Garage Finishes

Any time you want to turn a room into another room for an entirely different purpose, it’s called a remodel. Some of the most popular home remodels are finishing an attic, basement, or garage. These rooms are often turned into an additional bedroom, but some spaces are big enough to be remodeled into an entire living space, including a bathroom and kitchen area.

In order to successfully finish an attic, basement, or garage, one of the first things you’ll need to do is insulate and ventilate it. This doesn’t mean simple cooling and heating solutions— which is why these types of jobs are best left to a professional. These rooms must be structurally and functionally similar to the other rooms in your home in order for them to count as extra square footage and increase property value.

2 Converting a Room into a Different Type of Room

This is similar to finishing a garage or basement. But what if you have an extra bedroom that you have no use for. You can continue to use it as a storage room. Or you can turn it into a room for a completely different purpose. Most people would turn it into a library or study, or even a home theater or game room. In these cases, this would be considered a renovation and can be an easy D.I.Y. project.

Now if you want to turn your extra bedroom into a room that needs running water. Such as a home salon with a sink or a workout room with a water fountain. You’ll need the help of a plumber to make this happen— if it’s possible. 

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3: Decks, Patios, Porches, and Sunrooms

These are additions to the exterior of your home, and some of these can actually be D.I.Y. projects in most cases. If you’re pretty handy, you may be successful at adding a deck to your home. And maybe even a patio in your backyard. However, if you want to add a pool with pool salt systems to your patio or sunroom, you’ll need to call a contractor for this project.

If you want to add on a porch to your home, you’ll definitely want to leave that to the professionals. Porches have roofs, and any project that requires working from a height— such as roofing— can be dangerous to attempt, even for professional roofers. Therefore, if you’re planning to have major exterior projects such as adding a porch, consider seeking the help of reputable, skilled, and experienced home exterior renovation contractors to ensure high-quality work and avoid costly mistakes.

4 Interior Room Home Additions

Adding on to your home definitely requires professionals because not only are you building a new structure, but the new structure has to connect to an existing structure. Many people

choose to add on additional rooms to their homes, whether it’s another bedroom, bathroom, or a room being built for a specific purpose.

The reason that adding on to your home in this way can’t be a D.I.Y. project is that this requires electrical wiring. And in some cases, plumbing. Not to mention insulation, ventilation, and also windows and doors. When a new home addition is done correctly by professionals, they increase property value.


5 Residential Elevator

Adding an elevator to your multi-story home sounds like a lot of reconstruction work would have to take place. Maybe that was the case decades ago. But today the majority of residential elevators are sleek and don’t take up much space at all. They’re also quick (for professionals) to install, taking only about three days max to complete.

Having a sleek, residential elevator inside of your home increases your property value because it’s considered a “universal upgrade”. Universal home upgrades are home upgrades that make your home inclusive of all people no matter their age or physical ability. Residential elevators allow those with mobility issues to safely move from one floor to another.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you must consult a contractor to determine. If certain structural changes are possible in your home. Some homes are built in a very particular way, meaning that some remodels may not be possible. Certain permits and building codes also need to be obtained and met for remodels. This is why it’s important to never attempt structural changes on your own.

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