The Best and Most Beautiful Hunting Lodge Decor Ideas

hunting lodge decor

A hunting lodge won’t look like one without the appropriate décor. And there are a lot of options you can choose from when your hunting lodge needs a new tune up. In this article, we’ll be highlighting the best hunting lodge decor tips with some modern twists. So if you’re a hunting lodge owner with a desperate need for some fresh interiors, these tips are meant for you.


Hunting Lodge Décor Tips

1. Showcase your best kills

As a hunter, it’s a given fact that you want to show off some of your best achievements. Be it a deer, moose, or bear—a great way to spruce up your hunting lodge is to preserve them into trophies. By doing this, you also give your hunting lodge one of the best décor style unique to hunting lodges.

Here are a few examples:​

Classy hunting lodge den from

Tasteful decor idea from penthousestlouis

2. Choose a motif

Traditional hunting lodges have motifs that include warm colors, homey furniture, and wooden textures. If you’re feeling up to the traditional motif, do so with a few modern twists like incorporation of high-tech appliances:

An expensive hunting/vacation lodge from theartofbespoke

A lot of wooden textures can also make your hunting lodge look more vintage and old-fashioned, if that’s what you’re going for. A stone veneer fireplace is another tasteful idea to apply to your lodge:

Warm hunting lodge fireplace idea from cgtrader

If you also want your lodge to double as a vacation home during the summer, you can add a lot of homey furniture for it to be more family-friendly:

Family-friendly hunting lodge idea from zastavki

3. Focus on masonry or wood for walls

A hunting lodge won’t look much like one without traditional cabin-type walls. The more beautiful but more expensive option is the masonry. On the other hand, wooden-type walls are just as beautiful but are less expensive options. Popular examples of wooden walls include pine, cherry wood, and oak.

A beautiful wooden lodge (source)

Smaller log cabins also do well with the wooden wall option. Not only that, but they also make small rooms look super cozy and like a modern version of the Wild West.

A simple lodge design featured on twistedsifter

4. Choose furniture that fits with your theme

A room has to have a theme, and in a hunting lodge, you’re either stuck with a traditional or a personalized theme to make it your own. Obviously, there are a lot of options and you don’t need to limit yourself on vintage-style furniture. But it pays off to apply some interior design techniques to arrive at a well-designed lodge.

5. Decide on your flooring

Wooden floors are always the chosen option for hunting lodges, and they are so because of the added factor to coziness and the rustic look of traditional-style hunting lodges. Again, you have a variety of options regarding wooden flooring, but a great tip is to make sure you select type of wood that is 1) durable, 2) doesn’t stain easily and 3) matches your walls.

In this way, you won’t mess up your floor with tracks from the best hunting boots you’re wearing.

Amazing rustic floor from theartofbespoke

6. Make use of carpets and rugs

Another unique style to the traditional hunting lodge is the use of carpets and rugs not only on the floors, but on the furniture as accents. For flooring, a good old rug will do and almost any pattern can go well with a rich, wooden floor.

Furniture such as sofas, coffee tables, and accent tables can also use a few pieces of runners that preferably match your other rugs/carpets. This will further enhance the design of your room and add cohesion to the colors.

Beautiful interiors from gingerhuffinteriors

7. Add some green

Hunting lodges would look too boring without colors other than red, orange, or brown. It’s best to add something from the outside to your hunting lodge, such as a few mini planters or full-sized pots with any kind of plant you want. Essentially, you want to relieve the eyes of warm colors and add a bit of green to cool the tone of the room down.

Family-friendly lodge from wingshooting-argentina

8. Add an entertainment system

Bringing your family to a hunting lodge may mean endless complaints of “there’s nothing to do”. To make sure you don’t hear any of that, adding an entertainment system can be most beneficial to hunters with families. An entertainment system doesn’t have to be a fancy one. In a hunting lodge, a simple flat screen and a few speakers can do.

After all, you didn’t come all the way out to the woods to watch TV. But it would be relaxing to watch TV after a long day of hunting.

A simple entertainment system (source)

9. Add something for the adult

It doesn’t have to be only the kids to take into consideration, but the adults as well. Chances are, you’re going to be inviting your buddies to your hunting lodge, and lets’ face it: you won’t spend the entire trip hunting and camping. Thus, a fun thing to do with your lodge is to add something that the adults will enjoy.

A few great examples are a bar, pool table, or lounge area. With only one or two of these, you’ll be sure to get more guests to your hunting lodge.

Classy yet simple bar in a hunting lodge via argentinadovehunting

10. Pay attention to the kitchen design

The kitchen is the heart of the home, as they say, and in the hunting lodge, it’s the same case. A well-designed and well-decorated kitchen will make preparing your catches much more enjoyable than it usually is. So make sure this part of the lodge is well-decorated, too.

Great options for smaller kitchens include rustic-style furniture, traditional wooden cabinets, and vintage décor that’ll make your hunting lodge kitchen look like an old Western movie.

A great kitchen idea for the hunting lodge (source)


Decorating and designing your hunting lodge isn’t that difficult. The only challenge there is to it is making sure you have tasteful selections and a final combination, motif, and theme that will make your hunting lodge unique. Moreover, hunting lodge décor that far exceeds expectations will make your trip ten times more enjoyable.

Not only that, but with a well-decorated hunting lodge, your guests are bound to come back sooner or later. The result? More friends to go hunting with!

I hope this article helped you out with your decisions on best hunting lodge décor ideas. If you liked this one, feel free to leave a comment below and tell us your suggestions/questions. Don’t forget to share this with your friends, too. Thanks for reading!

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