How To Wire A 4-Way Switch | The Next Step To Electrical Wiring

Now that you’ve wired a 3-way switch, say, you want to take it a step further and are looking on how to wire a 4-way switch. Of course, a 4-way switch won’t exist without a 3-way, and I personally think that wiring a 4-way is easier than wiring a 3-way. Therefore, I’m going to tackle how to wire a 4-way switch in this step-by-step, easy to understand tutorial.

3 Types Of Light Switch Wiring | How To Make The Right Connection

Do you have a new extension in your house that needs some nice new light fixtures? Or perhaps a fancy ceiling light you want to show off in the living room? More importantly, do you want to do all the handiwork by yourself? Well, you came to the right place to learn about the basics of switch wiring! Today, we’ll talk about 3 types of light switch wiring: one-way switch, 3-way switch, and 4-way switch.